Free Agriculture Recycling Opportunity

Revolution Plastics, a company with Midwest operations based out of Madison, WI and facilities in Appleton and Eau Claire, is looking to expand their Ag plastics recycling business into western Wisconsin. They are planning to collect Ag plastics from farmers with on-farm recycling dumpsters. The dumpsters are free and collection is free to the farmer.

Revolution Plastics currently has over 2,000 Wisconsin farms on their program and the number of farms enrolled is growing rapidly. To learn more about this company and/or sign up for the service visit: and scroll down to the “Join the Revolution” section.

Ag plastics cannot be burned in the Polk County Incinerator.  All Ag plastics coming into their plant must be separated out and then land-filled.  This is a costly process and not an environmentally sustainable option.  Thus recycling Ag plastics can save taxpayers money.

Here is a list of guidelines to follow related to recycling Ag plastics with Revolution Plastics:

  • Generate 3,000-4,000 lbs. of Ag plastics per year. If a single farm doesn’t generate enough, several farms can go together and share a dumpster.
  • Need to be able to access dumpster with a full size garbage truck.
  • Include ONLY Low Density Polyethylene (#4).  This includes bale wrap, ag/grain bags, most bunker covers, oxygen barrier film, irrigation tape/tubing/cover, fumigation, greenhouse and hoop house films.
  • They do not accept bunker covers with nylon scrim, twine, net wrap or other mixed plastics.
  • Remove trash, wood, rocks, twine, net wrap, tires, and other foreign materials
  • No need to separate approved ag plastics
  • Dispose of plastic in the provided dumpster as soon as possible to prevent excessive dirt
  • Compact the plastic as much as possible without damaging the dumpster
  • Keep lids closed to prevent moisture
  • Keep container in an easily accessible location

Please let all your friends in farming know about this excellent, free opportunity for them!

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