Farm to School Program

What is it?

The Farm to School Program is an effort to connect schools (K – 12) with regional or local farms in order to serve healthy meals using locally produced foods. Farm to School activities may vary from community to community depending upon demographics; however, the basic goals remain the same:

  • To meet the diverse needs of school nutrition programs in an efficient manner
  • To support regional and local farmers and thereby strengthen local food systems
  • To provide support for health and nutrition education.

An additional goal of the program is to reconnect consumers with their food.  Consumers both young and old have become disconnected from their food and now, when asked where their food comes from, most say “grocery stores”.  Farm to School teaches children, parents, and teachers about where their food comes from and who grows it.   The progam works to put a face to food!




Publications, Materials, & Lessons

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