Support Our Troops

support troops

Each Club has been sending a ‘care package’ to a service person that is known by someone in their club. HCE gets the boxes from the post office and fills them with the products suggested below. Also enclosed is a letter identifying themselves and telling them to please share with other service persons too. Anywhere from two to six boxes are usually sent once a month.

Suggestions of Things to Send Troops (partial suggested list)


  • Beef Jerky (no pork or pork products)
  • Chips, trail mix, sunflower seeds
  • Granola bars, nutrigrain bars, pop tarts, protein bars
  • Cracker Jack, cookies, instant oatmeal, crackers
  • Cup O Noodle, instant coffee
  • Restaurant size condiment packets: ketchup, mustard, mayo, etc.


  • Soap, baby wipes
  • Deodorant, sunscreen
  • Bandaids, lotion
  • Anti-bacterial/no-water needed soap
  • Toilet paper, eye drops
  • Nasal spray, foot powder
  • Razor refills, toothpaste, chap stick


  • Film for camera or disposable camera
  • Dominos, boot inserts
  • Clorox wipes, zip lock bags
  • Notebook, stationery
  • Deck of cards
  • Small electronic games
  • Envelopes, sunglasses
  • Fabric softener sheets (to keep clothes fresh)
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