4-H Clubs and Organizational Leaders


Club Name

General Leader and Address
(contact Extension Office for phone number)

Balsam Evergreens

Tim Wilson

309 Pearl Street, Balsam Lake

Beaver Brook Badgers

Gwen Dado

821 75th Street, Amery

Bone Lake Beavers

Lynn Johnson

3046 100th Street, Frederic

Bronco Busters

Tamera Belisle

2046 215th Ave, Deer Park

Cattail Clovers

Michelle Pickard

1146 35th Street, Amery


Karrie Melin Swenson

2218 140th Avenue, St. Croix Falls

Deronda Diplomats

Marge Schone

279 Staffenson Street, Amery

Eagle View

Jeff Heiden

1173 35th Avenue, Amery

Forest View

Kimberly Palmsteen

369 Polk/St. Croix Road, Osceola

Green Acres

Becky Meyer

2753 60th Avenue, Osceola

Indian Creek

Linda Owens

315 355th Avenue, Frederic

Joel Jets

Jodi Hase

253 4th Avenue, Clayton

Jolly Milltown

Judy Bainbridge

2267 170th Street, Luck

Knotty Pine

Melissa Buhr

242 10th Avenue, Clear Lake

Little Butternut

Jacqueline Thompson

2728 190th Street, Luck

Little Falls Livewires

Julie Novak

1215 45th Avenue, Amery

Lucky Horseshoe

Jenny Bergmann

P.O. Box 209, Clayton

McKinley Vikings

Pam Dittbrenner

309 Hwy. 48, Cumberland

Northern Lights


Shirley Miller-Frey

710 South Washington Street, St. Croix Falls

Pleasant Lake

Terilyn Wallis

990 S. View Lane, Dresser

Scenic View

Kirsten Bloom

212 Indianhead Shores, Balsam Lake

Shooting Stars

Pam Garvey

1916 160th Street, Centuria

South Milltown

Jeanne Alling

1895 170th Street, Centuria

West Sweden

Emily Ovik

1668 360th Ave, Frederic


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