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The link provided will bring you to the Youth for the Quality Care of Animals webpage where you can complete your training.

All Polk County Quality meats participants must complete the YQCA online training in the current year to be eligible for the 2022 Quality Meats Program auction. Exhibitors are also required to participate in one other online or in person educational training for animal programs. This training does not need to be species specific. Please click on the link in the right hand box to be directed to the YQCA webpage

COVID-19 Animal Project Information

Here is a PDF Article of the Guidance for Project Members of Animal Projects Housed at other Locations During COVID-19

Upcoming Quality Meats Event Dates

June 18th Interstate Livestock Show

Educational Activates

March 22nd Quality Meats general kickoff meeting and educational event. Unity High School Auditorium 6pm-8pm.

June 18th Interstate Livestock Show



Swine Educational Opportunity!

Please pre-register your pigs before tag pickup by clicking this link https://forms.gle/JF1pAqai5VBGD22UA

Swine exhibitors will pickup tags and DNA sample kits on Saturday April 23rd from 9am to 11am. PLEASE BE PREPARED TO PAY $7 PER DNA KIT  A DNA sample kit is required for each hog registered.

Goat & Sheep

Please pre-register your sheep before weigh-in by clicking this link https://forms.gle/tZFKPBY8ueuBRDGe6

Please pre-register your goats before weigh-in by clicking this link https://forms.gle/7qjb4QHeuHrstXfm9

Goat and Sheep weigh-in April 23rd from 9am to 11am


Attention Market Steer Exhibitors 

If you have any questions about the Beef Project, please reach out to Beef committee via text or call:

Craig Scholz 612-751-3236

Jake Loen 715-557-0138


Fair Updates

Other Resources

Section 8 ~ Other Resources


Youth wishing to participate in the 2022 Polk County Quality Meats Program must meet all the program requirements:

  • Quality Meats Requirements
    • Complete YQCA “Youth for the Quality Care of Animals” online classroom training. Club organizational leaders and co-leaders have more information on YQCA.
    • Attend a Polk County Quality Meats Kick-Off Meeting
    • Attend an educational event or sessions
  •  2022 YQCA – Youth for the Quality Care of Animals (Formerly MAQA)
    • ALL Quality Meats Exhibitors must bring their printed certificate to paperwork check-in Wednesday at the Fair in the livestock show barn office. check-in concludes at 6pm.
    • Required on-line course go to yqca.org  and follow directions to register and take course – cost is $12.
    • Classroom training is available at a cost of $3 at various locations in other counties. Register for these classroom courses at yqca.org
    • Questions can be directed to your species chair or vice chair.
    • Instructions on Getting Your YQCA WebBased Certification 

The Polk County Quality Meats kick-off meeting will be announced in the Clover Connection, your email as well as on this website so stay tuned.


Livestock Members: From Bernie O’ Rourke

Virtual farm tours are now complete, but you may find the videos at the links below:

  1. The website post: https://fyi.extension.wisc.edu/youthlivestock/2020/04/15/virtualfarmtours/
  1. The playlist of all of the videos on YouTube.


These are for kids that are engaged in animals, plants (agronomy) and science STEM. 

  1. Small Ruminant Webinars – Sheep and Goats

a.  https://fyi.extension.wisc.edu/wisheepandgoat/small-ruminant-webinar-series/

b.  May 20, 7:30-9 p.m., Estimated Breeding Values

  1. Youth Livestock Activities – Links to webinars and other online learning for youth interested in animals.

a.  https://fyi.extension.wisc.edu/youthlivestock/covid-19/

All of these items would be great for educational points or credit for fairs; of course these are all great opportunities for youth to gain educational experiences.

For more information go to the Wisconsin Youth Livestock Program Website for many more resources.  https://fyi.extension.wisc.edu/youthlivestock/

Please follow us on YouTube (many livestock judging and other videos), FacebookInstagram and Twitter.  Links are on the website.

Please stay tuned as all of the information will be shared here as it becomes available.

This page will continuously be updated with information as it becomes available to us.


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