Dairy Cattle

Holstein Cattle

Breeds of Dairy Cow

Below is a list of different breeds of dairy cattle and their unique history provided by Michigan State University










Dairy News provided by the University of Minnesota

Dairy News provides timely information about the dairy industry, featured events, farm safety and animal health. Articles that have previously appeared in Dairy Star may also be published here.


Calf & Heifer Raising

Under this page you will be able to find useful information about Calf and Heifer raising. By gathering the best information from Universities we have complied information that will be useful for all Dairy Farmers!

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Dairy Worker Training


The UW-Extension Dairy Team created this series to help train and improve the skills of dairy workers which includes: Milking Skills, Reproductive Skills, Calf Management Skills, Herdsperson Skills, Feeding and Nutrition and Handling Skills. These three classes are 1 credit each and they can be taken in the Spring, Summer or Fall at Lakeshore Technical College.

For more information please contact

Lakeshore Technical College at 1-888-468-6582

*Training Modules

UW-Extension has created a series of modules that can be used to train dairy farm employees.  The modules come complete with audio-visual presentations, handouts, tests, and other materials.  These modules are written in both English and Spanish.  Trainings are available for:Dairy Workers

  • Milking Skills
  • Reproductive Skills
  • Calf Care
  • Herdsmanship Skills
  • Feeding & Nutrition
  • Animal Handling & Skid Steer Safety

For more information or to order these materials, please call for the order form (715) 485-8600.



Business management of dairy cattle operations is important for anyone looking to get into the dairy business, or already in the business. Managing labor and farming operations effectively can lead to improved profits and success. The following articles and information deal with some of the areas that dairy producers should consider when overseeing their operation.

*Are you looking for helpful (and free!) management software tools that are user-friendly, interactive, robust, visually attractive, and self contained??  Look no further than UW-Extension!

The UWEX Dairy Management Team has a myriad of useful management tools to help you be more success in your operation.  Click here to go to the Management Tools page to download and run FREE management tools in the areas of: feeding, heifer care, reproduction, milk production, replacements, financial, environment, price risk, and many others!

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Milk Quality

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The Link Below is on Dry Cow Treatment. The article is from the UW and contains information and videos on the use of Dry Cow Therapy.

The University of Minnesota covers a number of ways to Improve early Lactation performance for a Higher Peak Milk Yield


Modernization & Markets

*U.S. Dairy Situation and Outlook – UWEX

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Links for More Information:



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