Club Officer Training Resources

Here is a PDF on the Guidance for Project Members of Animal Projects Housed at other Locations During COVID-19

Listed here are descriptions of the roles and responsibilities of each of the 4-H club officers. These resources should help club members perform their officer duties effectively and improve their leadership skills. Officer materials are available online at Wisconsin 4-H Community Club Central at the following link:

President – Agendas & Facilitating Group Discussion

Vice President – Creating Club Calendar & Committees

Secretary – Meeting Minutes

Treasurer – Checkbook Balancing Basics and Financial Responsibility

Reporter – How to Write a Press Release

The 4-H program encourages members to use basic parliamentary procedures for their club business meetings. The Parliamentary Procedures brochure, also available online, defines parliamentary procedures and the steps in making club decisions.

Each club members – not just the officers – need to become familiar with the basics so they can contribute to their clubs business meetings effectively. If you have questions regarding Parliamentary Procedure or Officer Duties contact Lindsay Spindler at


Below is a short 16 minute video on Parliamentary Procedure Basics


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