Community, Family Health and State Programs

Drug Courts An effective Strategy for Communities Facing Methamphetamine РThis bulletin provides an overview of the debilitating effects of methamphetamine, the program compoents of a drug court, examples of successful drug court programs in areas deeply affected by methamphetamine use and policy recommendations for implementing a drug court that will target methamphetamine-using population.

Montana Meth Project, Montana State Initiatives – This website is well put together and informative, and provides examples of how other states are coping with the methamphetamine epidemic. Montana has great resources, articles, pictures, etc. that are available for everyone to print and use in educational materials.

Kansas Meth Prevention Project – Similar to other state sites, this is an opportunity to see how Kansas has decided to address their problem.

Information Bulletin: Children at Risk, U.S. Dept. of Justice – Information relevant to the risks and effects of exposure in children and the strategies to assist at-risk children.

Children at Risk: Meth Labs in our Communities – This resource can be viewed in brochure format and available for purchase through the above website. Great resource for developing a meth toolkit.

Medical Protocols for Children Found at Meth Labs– This website provides exactly what the title suggests; a medical protocol for working with children exposed to methamphetamine.

Meth in Wisconsin: A Wisconsin Public Television Series – This 30 minute documentary series profiles meth use in Wisconsin. One segment focuses specifically on the “Western Front” – those western Wisconsin counties that have been inundated with meth-related problems.

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