Parenting the Preschooler

Because kids do not come with an instruction manual!!!

You might be saying that you did fine with the first one, or even the second one but are there times when you find yourself saying that the other one (or two) never, EVER did this. Well we have resources to help you with those and many other questions that you were afraid to ask and thought that you were the only one experiencing things like: How much juice can I give my child? What is a good kind of juice? Does milk really help them with their growing? My preschooler will not stay in bed, how do I get them to stay in bed? Is it ok to let my child fall asleep with a tv on? How do I know if my preschooler is getting enough sleep? I skip breakfast all the time, so is it ok if my preschooler does too? I don’t want my preschooler to get fat so they do not eat breakfast!

The following are links to give you some very helpful pointers to many of the questions you and others may have.  We will be providing more sources like these as they come available to us.

Additional Resources for parents with toddlers (3 year olds)

Common Sense Media



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