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What Is StrongBodies?

The Extension StrongBodies Program is based on the StrongWomen Program that was created by Professors Miriam E. Nelson and Rebecca Seguin. StrongBodies will catalyze positive change in people of all ages to live stronger, healthier lives by providing knowledge, inspiration, access to programs, and ongoing support.

Why the StrongBodies Program?

Research shows that regular exercise provides many benefits to mature women. Yet only 7% of middle-aged and older women exercise daily.

Regular weight-bearing exercise helps older women increase their strength, muscle mass and bone density, and decreases the risk of osteoporosis, diabetes, heart disease, arthritis, depression and obesity. Exercise has also been shown to improve self-confidence, sleep and vitality.

Preventing the onset of osteoporosis—porous bones that break easily and heal slowly—is especially important for middle-aged and older women. One out of every three women over the age of 40 suffers from this condition. The good news is that exercise can contribute to the prevention and treatment of osteoporosis. For many Wisconsin communities, the challenge lies in finding ways to provide education and opportunities for older women to get the essential exercise they need.

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