Upcoming Programs

We have 2 excellent upcoming LGE webinars that would be perfect for inviting your local government partners to participate: Natural Flood Management and Redistricting for Local Elected Officials. Details are below.

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Preparing for and Adapting to Future Floods with Natural Flood Management
Date Wednesday, July 14, 2021 1:00-2:30 pm
Location Zoom Webinar

Are you curious about opportunities to mitigate flood risks to communities and infrastructure with cost-effective, nature-based solutions? In this session, participants will learn about Natural Flood Management (NFM)¿an emerging concept that involves using a combination of multiple practices, in different parts of the watershed, to increase the landscape’s ability to store and manage water. You’ll hear about watershed-scale risk assessments and NFM demonstration projects that are underway in Ashland County to identify infrastructure vulnerabilities and prioritize where flood risks can be minimized through upstream hydrologic restoration actions. The panel will also discuss benefit-cost data, screening tools, infrastructure design approaches, and other resources that can help your community tap into hazard mitigation, disaster recovery, and climate adaptation funding. Presented by: Kyle Magyera, Wisconsin Wetlands Association; Chris Collier, Trout Unlimited; Jon Simonsen, Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources; Robyn Fennig, Wisconsin Emergency Management; Jason Laumann, Northwest Regional Planning Commission; Mary Jo Gingras, Ashland County; Dorothy Tank, Ashland County

Register at: https://charge.wisc.edu/LocalGovernment/workshop_register.aspx?workshop_id=98


Redistricting Workshop for Local Elected Officials
Date Thursday, July 15, 2021 10:00 am to 12:00 pm
Location Zoom Webinar
The Local Redistricting Group, consisting of staff from the Legislative Technology Services Bureau (LTSB), Legislative Reference Bureau (LRB), and UW-Madison Applied Population Laboratory (APL), will provide information on the 2020 US Census data and the legal process of redistricting in Wisconsin.
Register at: https://charge.wisc.edu/LocalGovernment/workshop_register.aspx?workshop_id=64


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