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The Extension Crops and Soils Program provides timely resources and information to help Wisconsin crop producers and their agricultural consultants manage crops efficiently and profitably.

Field Notes, A Podcast and YouTube Series From Our Very Own Ag. Educators

  • by UW-Madison Extension
    Guolong Liang, outreach specialist for the Agriculture Water Quality Program of Extension in the Central Sands of Wisconsin, guest hosts this episode of Field Notes. Guolong talks with UW-Madison Horticulture Professor and Extension Specialist Jed Colquhoun about the use of cover crops to reduce nutrient runoff in canning and processing vegetables. For the farmer perspective, […]
  • by UW-Madison Extension
    When we think of nitrogen leaving the fields, we often think of nitrates leached down to groundwater, but the mobility of nitrogen is not just downwards. Nitrogen can also leave the field and be lost to the atmosphere in the form of nitrous oxide, aka laughing gas. But this is no laughing matter. Nitrous oxide […]
  • by UW-Madison Extension
    March is mud month in Wisconsin. While this season may not be particularly pretty on the eyes, the freeze and thaw of the soil presents farmers with an opportunity to seed small-seeded plants like clovers into a fall-established wheat crop. The benefits are numerous: weed control, diversity, nitrogen for the following corn crop, forage and […]
  • by UW-Madison Extension
    Data is the currency of the future. What does this look like for farmers? We sit down with Drs. Emily Bick, Extension-funded field and forage crop entomologist with University of Wisconsin-Madison, and Jim Eckberg, a scientist with General Mills, to find out. We talk on how sensors and imaging can help build back biodiversity and […]
  • by UW-Madison Extension
    Everyone is talking about soil health, so we thought we should too. We chat a bit about what exactly is soil health with Jamie Patton of UW-Madison's Nutrient and Pest Management program and Brendon Blank, a farmer and Byron Seeds rep from Ixonia, WI, and importantly, how do you measure progress? Hosted on Acast. See […]

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Farmer-to-Farmer Corn and Forage Website

Links WI Buyers and Sellers

The Farmer to Farmer Corn and Forage Website is an electronic neighborhood  bulletin board which allows local farmers to get in touch with one another.  The website facilitates the local marketing of feed commodities where livestock producers in need of high moisture corn, corn silage, hay, or straw can easily make contact with sellers  that have feed commodities for sale. .  The site developed and supported by UW Madison Division of Extension can be found at.

The Farmer to Farmer Corn and Forage List is free of charge for both buyers and sellers.  Users can search for, or list for sale, high moisture corn, corn grain, haylage, hay or straw.  Buyers can search for  farmers in just one Wisconsin county or in any number of counties at once.

“This site has been an excellent way for buyers and sellers to get in-touch locally”, says Mike Ballweg, UW-Extension Crops & Soils Agent in Sheboygan County.  Neighbors often within short distances have been able to buy and sell as a result of the website.  Buyers can locate feed for their animals easily.  Sellers can find buyers and save money in grain drying and marketing costs if they choose to sell their corn crop as high moisture corn or silage.

People who wish to use this service but do not have access to the Internet can get access and assistance at their county UW-Extension office.  For more information please contact:  Mike Ballweg, Sheboygan County Extension Crops and Soils Educator at (920) 459-5904.

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