Veggie Bites

Veggie Bites are informational brochures on the different produce grown in our area.  Each brochure covers a different vegetable, fruit, or herb.  Besides nutritional information, fun facts, selection, and care and storage, the brochures include a tasty recipe using the featured produce.

Veggie Bites are for everyone but were originally developed for the following people:

  • Farmers and Farmers Market Vendors who sell produce directly to consumers
  • Food Shoppers and Eaters who are interested in buying local and/or using fresh produce from their home garden.
  • Food Pantries who wish to educate their clientele on cooking and eating fresh produce.

The following Veggie Bite brochures are available now. Just click on the vegetable, fruit, or herb and the brochure will be available to print or download.  All brochures are in PDF format.

Vegetables: Fruits: Herbs:
Artichoke Garlic Radish Apple Basil
Asparagus Green Onion Rhubarb Blueberries Cilantro
Beans, String Greens Spinach Grapes Dill
Beets Kale Summer Squash Raspberry Marjoram
Bell Pepper Kohlrabi Sweet Potato Watermelon Mint
Broccoli Leeks Swiss Chard Oregano
Brussels Sprouts Lettuce Tomato Sage
Cabbage Mushrooms Turnip Greens Thyme
Carrots Okra Winter Squash
Cauliflower Onions Zucchini
Celeriac Parsnips
Celery Peas, Garden
Corn Peas, Snow
Cucumber Peas, Sugar Snap
Eggplant Potato












~Updated as of February 4, 2015~


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