4-H Projects

A 4-H project is an area you want to learn more about during the year. There are projects on just about any topic you would like to study and explore, from art to woodworking, from computers to rabbits, from clothing to small engines.

So how do you know what projects are available to you? Your club organizational leader or enrollment coordinator can tell you what projects and resources are available in your county.

Do not forget to check out the project pages on the Wisconsin 4-H Web Site. On these pages, you will find descriptions for statewide projects, Internet resources and links of interest, county fair exhibit suggestions, state specialist contacts, and other suggested 4-H resources.

Remember, you will learn more than “subject matter” as you complete your projects. You will learn many “life” skills that you will use every day of your life, such as understanding yourself, communicating better, solving problems, making decisions, and working with others. Good luck in your project selections!

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