Home Composting Resources

Try these web sites for starters:

  • www.bae.ncsu.edu – go the “people”, “faculty”, “Rhonda Sherman”, “on-site composting” & “publications.” A resource listing by NC State University faculty member Rhonda Sherman, including publications and lists of other publications on composting and vermicomposting.
  • www.biocycle.net – go to “article archives” and click on BioCycle icon, and search list of archives by subject. Numerous articles on home and large scale composting and vericomposting from BioCycle magazine.
  • www.compostingcouncil.org – US Composting Council’s web site includes publications, discussion list, calendar of event and trainings from USCC, membership information and more about organization.
  • www.cce.cornell.edu – Use search box to find topic specific information about composting. Technical and educational information on composting, including publications and audio-visual materials.
  • www.extension.umn.edu – Type “composting” in search box. Fact sheets and guides on home composting and mulching.
  • www.mastercomposter.com – Guide to master composter programs in the U.S. and internationally. Listings of composting and gardening products, interactive message board, technical resources and educational materials on composting issues.
  • www.muextension.missouri.edu – Type “compost” in search box. Numerous fact sheets on home composting and mulching.
  • www.osu.edu – Type “composting” in search box. Ohio State University links to fact sheets on composting, mulching and use of organic materials.
  • www.usda.gov – Type “composting” or “mulch” in search box. USDA provides basic home composting, vermicomposting and mulching information.
  • www.dnr.state.wi.us – Click on search box and type compost. Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources site contains basic backyard composting and vermicomposting information.
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